Adult Fitness Classes

The classes described below are available to students ages 14 years and older.

Cardio/Conditioning for Mixed Martial Arts – Taught by NESTA-certified MMACA Conditioning Coach Mickey Hall, this class features aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, as well as functional (specific to MMA) strength training.  Each class is tailored to the students present and their current fitness level.  Workouts include kettlebells, exercise balls, medicine balls, weight bags, body weight exercises, and resistance belt circuits.

Cardio Kickboxing – This class features aerobic conditioning with a primary focus toward calorie burning/weight loss.  Each class opens with short instruction on a specific technique – i.e. the jab, cross, and hook.  Students then work with a partner during rounds, alternating back and forth, on a specific rotation that focuses on keeping heart rate up and working target areas for toning.

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