The safety of our students and staff is our priority.


NJ is permitting Martial Arts Schools to resume classes at 25% capacity.  Brazen Martial Arts will operate in compliance with Executive Order 157, Section 7.  We will resume in person instruction on Monday, July 13th.  We will continue to offer Zoom for families who cannot attend in person classes due to medical reasons, or are simply uncomfortable attending in person classes.  Cloth masks will be mandatory.  The mask must fit the face snugly and it may NOT have a valve.

We unfortunately will not hold in person classes for the 4-6 or 7-8 year old age groups.  We will continue to host classes on Zoom.  After a lot of internal discussions we just do not believe this age group will be able to comply with all of the rules necessary to ensure student and staff safety.  We will revisit this decision at a later date once we see how the other classes go.

We will also not be holding fitness classes.  Gyms remained closed, including group classes because of the risk of viral transmission during exertion, especially given that guidelines currently discourage mask use during exercise.  Fitness members are encouraged to join us for 1 class per week of martial arts instruction in person and/or attended an unlimited number of classes on Zoom.

Class Format:

  • Classes will be capped at 10 people + staff for striking and 6 people + staff for grappling.  You must reserve your spot online. 
  • Absolutely no spectators/parents/siblings will be permitted to hang out in the building while classes are in session.
  • Each student must fill out a COVID-19 waiver prior to his/her first class.
  • Students must arrive 10 minutes before the start of their class in order to fill out a screening questionnaire before EVERY class and have their temperature checked.  We reserve the right to deny you entry. 
  • Once you have been approved to take class you will receive a number.  
  • You will place your personal items into the cubby that matches your number.
  • You will place your water and whatever gear you need for class against the matted wall underneath your number.  These locations are more than 6 feet apart from one another.
  • Classes will be low intensity and heavily focused on technique to ensure that everyone is comfortable in their masks.
  • Students will sit in their assigned location on the wall while techniques are demonstrated by the coaches.  The coaches will demonstrate in multiple locations so that everyone can see.
  • Students will work in pairs or on the heavy bags for striking.
  • Students will work with a grappling dummy or a member of their own household for grappling.
  • When coaches call that a drill is over, everyone will go back to their spot along the wall.  
  • Students may briefly remove their facemasks while along the wall to drink water/stay hydrated.
  • There will absolutely no live training (wrestling/sparring) until further notice.  Current research indicates this behavior to be extremely high risk.  
  • When class is over the coaches will dismiss the students one at a time to retrieve their belongings from the cubby and exit the building.
  • Coaches will lock the building and begin preparations for the next class.
  • Classes will be separated by 30 minutes to ensure adequate cleaning can be performed and the next class can be checked in.


  • The mats and matted walls are deep-cleaned/pre-cleaned with Simple Green.  This is not a disinfectant.  It is used to keep the physical surface clean so that actual disinfectant can do its job.  This is done every weekend.
  • The mats, matted walls, the bathroom floor, and the rubber mats between the actual mats and carpet are disinfected with Kennedy KenClean Plus Athletic Surface Disinfectant Cleaner, EPA Registration: 10324-154-67297 before every class.
  • High touch surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, the cubbies, all of the equipment used for processing check-ins (clipboards, pens, etc.), the bathroom are cleaned/disinfected with IN-CIDE disinfectant, EPA Registration: 10324-85-9367, or Clorox Clean Up Cleaner+ Bleach, EPA Registration: 5813-21 before every class.