The safety of our students and staff is our priority.

Beginning Monday, March 7th:

We will continue to:

  • Contact trace and notify all individuals whenever there is an exposure at our school
  • Require isolation and quarantine in accordance to whatever the current CDC guidelines are for those exposed to or infected with COVID-19
    • Please note that while we no longer require adults to be vaccinated, if you are unvaccinated this may mean longer periods for both isolation and quarantine
  • Check temperatures at the door
  • Run our 4 air cleaners which cycle the air in the building every 20-30 minutes
  • Require our staff to be fully vaccinated

We reserve the right to deny entry and to re-institute protective health measures as necessary.  We hope this will not be the case.


  • The mats and matted walls are deep-cleaned/pre-cleaned with Simple Green.  This is not a disinfectant.  It is used to keep the physical surface clean so that actual disinfectant can do its job. 
  • The mats, matted walls, the bathroom floor, and the rubber mats between the actual mats and carpet are disinfected with Kennedy KenClean Plus Athletic Surface Disinfectant Cleaner, EPA Registration: 10324-154-67297 everyday.
  • High touch surfaces such as door knobs, light switches, the cubbies, all of the equipment used for processing check-ins (clipboards, pens, etc.), the bathroom are cleaned/disinfected with IN-CIDE disinfectant, EPA Registration: 10324-85-9367, or Clorox Clean Up Cleaner+ Bleach, EPA Registration: 5813-21 everyday.