ZOOM: Martial Arts

Due to COVID-19 we understand that not everyone is ready to return to in person training due to medical reasons or simply out of concern. We open a ZOOM session for every class we hold, for children and adults. There is a lot you can learn from the convenience of your own home. Ready to attend in person? Learn more about our in person classes.

We’ve been teaching our kids remotely for awhile now and the best part has been driving around delivering smiles and promotions for our students who have remained disciplined in their training by continuing their practice during the pandemic. We are very proud of these kids (and their parents!) for putting in the work.

Interested in joining us and you’re not from the area? No problem! We will send your child’s uniform by mail and rolls of the tape we use for promotions. We will coordinate with you when it’s time to promote your child. When it’s time for a new belt we’ll send that to you too. When things calm down and you’re ready to have your child train in person we will help you find a school near you that will be a good fit.

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